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Review: INCRA I-BOX Jig for Box Joints

The INCRA I-BOX Jig is a well-made, extremely accurate micro-adjustable box joint jig with the quality and attention to detail that characterizes all of Incra's precision woodworking products. 60
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Review: Kreg PRS3400 Precision Router Table Set Up Bars

If you want some well made, accurate set up bars that are quick and easy to use, the Kreg PRS3400 Precision Router Table Set Up Bars fit the bill perfectly. 27
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Review: Woodpeckers Coping Sled

If you're looking for a well-made (in the USA) coping sled that allows you to make safer, more accurate joints on your router table, the Woodpeckers COPESLED1 is an excellent choice. 65
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Review: JESSEM Clear-Cut Precision Stock Guides

JESSEM Clear-Cut Precision Stock Guides are innovative roller-type hold-downs that mount in the T-track of your router table fence that are faster, easier, safer, and more flexible than traditional feather boards. 73
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Review: JessEm 4010 Master Fence II

The JessEm 4010 Master Fence II is a well-made, top quality router table fence with the sort of innovative features you would expect from the company who invented the router lift. 34

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Bench Dog 40-102 ProMax Router Table Review

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Bench Dog 40-001 Router Table Review

Bench Dog 40-300 ProMax Router Table

Bench Dog 40-300 ProMax Router Table Review


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Bench Dog 40-300 ProMax Router Table

Choosing A Router Table

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Best Router For Router Table Work

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Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools PRP-4-V2350 Premium Router Package

INCRA Mast-R-Lift-II Router Lift – the smoothest, lowest-friction router lift we’ve ever used

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

Mounting your router in a router table is the single biggest thing that you can do to increase your skills and routing capabilities.

Simply mounting your router in a router table immediately gives you a massive increase in your routing capabilities allowing you to easily and safely perform tasks that would be difficult,  sometimes impossible and/or dangerous freehand. Straight out of the box, a router table increases the range of jobs you can perform with your router and allows you to easily take on advanced projects such as raised panels or use larger cutters that are too big to control freehand as well as making it easier and safer to do things like putting edge moldings on narrow workpieces. But that’s only the beginning. Everything that you want to accomplish can be made easier and a better end result obtained by investing in the huge range of router table add-ons and accessories. From router lifts to high-end router table fences and from coping sleds to box joint jigs, the range of specialist accessories has never been greater, or more affordable. Results that were previously only available to the professional are now easily achieved by everyone.

What To Look For
Router tables all operate on the same principle with the router mounted upside down under the table top and the bit projecting through an opening in the table top. The router table holds the router securely, leaving the woodworker free to keep both hands on the workpiece during the cut.

They fall into one of a number of basic types and there are a number of features you should be looking for whichever type you decide to buy. Some of the considerations are

  • A Large, Flat, Rigid Router Table Top
  • A Removeable Router Baseplate for Easy Mounting & Adjustment
  • An Accurate, Easy to Adjust Router Table Fence
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Make Sure It's Up To The Job
One of the reasons for using a router table is to use larger router bits like raised panel cutters, so you need to be looking at a router with

  • A powerful motor that’s up to the job of removing large amounts  of stock – a minimum of 2HP and preferably 3HP
  • Variable speed – the golden rule is, the larger the router bit, the slower the speed, so you need a router that allows you to slow it right down for the largest cutters
  • A 1/2-inch collet – large cutters only come on 1/2-inch shanks, which are stronger, more durable and vibrate less giving you a better cut

And since you’ll be mounting the router upside down under the router table there are a couple of other features that will make life easier:

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